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  1. Public Ice Skating

    When do you have public ice skating?

                    The public ice skating times vary throughout the year.  It is always best to check the website for the current times and days.

    Can I bring my 2 year old ice skating?

                    Yes, public skating is for all ages.  The smallest rental skate that we have is a child’s size 6.

    How should we dress to come public skating?

                    We recommend that you dress in layers so that as you get warm while you are skating, you can take off your jacket but still be warm enough.  Don’t forget to     bring your gloves along!  Also, we recommend that children wear a bike helmet when they come ice skating.

  2. Learn to Skate

    What classes do you offer?

    We offer beginning group classes for skaters as young as 4 years old.   There is no upper age limit for adults. 


    When are classes offered?  How long are the sessions? 

    Learn to skate classes are offered at Twin Ponds East on Monday evenings from 5:45 – 6:45 and Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 10:00 am.  Monday evening classes are offered year round at East.  The Saturday morning class at East is typically available from the beginning of September thru the first Saturday in June. 

    The sessions are typically 6 weeks long.   The ice slot is 1 hour long.  The first 15 minutes of the slot is when the participant is to try to skate to be the best of their ability to warm up their muscles.  The next 30 minutes is the group lesson.  The remaining 15 minutes is practice time for everyone to practice what they were just taught in the lesson.  When you register, you will sign up for the Monday OR Saturday class.  Children under the age of 6 are permitted to have one adult on the ice with them, free of charge.  Skate rentals are included in all class registration fees.  We also offer Tots classes on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 – 10:30 am and on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 – 2:00 pm.  These classes are offered September thru the beginning of June.

    What payment methods do you accept and when is payment due?

                    We accept cash, checks, debit cards, and all major credit cards.  Payment is due at the time of registration.

    What is your class make-up policy?

                    Due to the progressive nature of Learn to Skate classes, missing your regularly scheduled class is not recommended.  If a circumstance arises that you    cannot attend your regular class, you are permitted to make it up at one of the other sessions that are offered that week.

    What happens if I register in the middle of a session?

                    Your fee will be pro-rated for the number of remaining lessons in that particular session.

    Do you offer refunds?

                    No.  If you are unsure if you or your child will like the classes, we recommend that you pay the $15 walk on fee to try it for one lesson prior to committing to a 6 week session.  In the case of a medical injury, a credit is given with an approved doctor’s note stating the reason that the skater must refrain from taking lessons at the present time.

    How many skaters will be in my class?

                    The participants in our Learn to Skate classes are divided into groups on the ice based on their skating ability, i.e.  all beginners are together, etc.   There will be several groups on the ice at one time.  The maximum number of skaters per instructor is 15.

    Can I rent skates?

                    Rental skates are included in the registration fee.  If you have your own skates, there is no reduction in the cost of the lesson.  We recommend that beginning skaters use rental skates before purchasing a pair to determine proper sizing and to ensure that skating is something the skater intends to continue doing.

    There are not “male” skates and “female” skates.  We offer figure skates and hockey skates. Males and females may wear whichever style of skate they  prefer.  Figure skates are recommended for beginning skaters.

    What do I wear?

                    Dress for warmth by layering your clothing.  Most indoor arenas are kept between 40 – 50 degrees, so jackets are recommended.  As you get warm, you may wish to discard a layer.  Comfort and ability to move freely are also very important.  We suggest close-fitting, but not tight pants and no jeans.  Sweatpants or warm-up pants are ideal (especially water – resistant “wind-breaker” type pants).  Your feet will feel best if you wear one pair of lightweight socks or tights.  Bulky or thick socks may limit the support provided by your skates and create “bumps” inside your boots, making them uncomfortable.  Anklesocks  often create rubs and blisters.  Make sure when fitting your skates that your toes can wiggle but your heel does not slide up and down or around once your foot is properly laced in the skate.

                    Protective head gear is recommended for children under the age of 8 and all beginner skaters.  An approved bike helmet is sufficient.  Knee pads may be worn if you prefer, but should be placed under the pants and not over the pants as the pads slide across the ice, hindering one’s ability to stand up/get up after falling.

                    Remember gloves or mittens!  Learning to fall is an important part of ice skating, and your hands will feel much better if you are wearing gloves or mittens.

    What do I do on the first day?

                    Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your scheduled class time.  Upon arriving at the rink, please go to the skate rental counter where you will check in and get your rental skates.

    Why can’t my child pass this class level?  He/she has been at this level for a couple of sessions!

                    Our Learn to Skate curriculum is designed to work on a progressive basis.  This means that elements in higher levels build upon elements mastered in lower levels.  If a skater is put in a higher level without mastering elements from a previous level, he/she will struggle to attain the elements in the new level and there is an increased risk of injury.  If your child is struggling to pass a certain element and/or level, please ask the following questions:

                                    Is my child practicing?  Learning skating skills is comparable to learning fractions or multiplication.  If your child attended math class and then never did homework to reinforce what he/she learned in class, he/she will struggle to achieve higher math skills.  In much the same way, skating, which is reliant on muscle memory, must be practiced to reinforce the body’s ability to “feel” the element.

                                    Does my child need supplemental instruction?  Private lessons are available. For more information, please see the questions below on private lessons.

                                    Have I talked to the instructor about why my child is struggling and ways to improve?  Our instructors are here to help you.  Please speak with them    whenever you have a question about your child’s progress.

                                    Is your child consistent with class attendance?  Consistency is vital to progressing through the levels.

    When do I need private lessons and how much will they cost me?

                    We recommend a skater begin private lessons when he/she needs additional help on a certain level, wants to progress though the levels at an accelerated pace, and/or wants to compete.  All coaches operate as independent contractors, are all USFSA coaches and have received a background check. 

                    The cost for a private lesson range from $12 to $15 for a 15 minute lesson depending on the instructor.  This fee does not include the cost of the ice.  You must also pay for the freestyle session.

                    To book a private lesson, you should contact the coach that you would like to take the lesson from and arrange the lesson with them.

  3. Birthday Party Packages

    What time should I tell everyone to be there?

                    We suggest that you tell everyone to be here 15 to 20 minutes before the start of the public skating session or before the start of your ice time on the puddle.  This will allow everyone time to check in, get their skates on and get on the ice on time.

    Is it cold in there?  Should I have everyone dress warmly?

    Yes!  After all it is an ice rink!  It averages about 50 degrees in the summer and 42 degrees in the winter in the building.  We recommend dressing in layers as you warm up while ice skating you will want to shed those layers to stay cool.  Don’t forget those gloves and bike helmets for children!

    How many guests can I have at my party?

                    There is no maximum number of guests.  There is a 10 person minimum.  If you are renting the puddle for your party, we say that the puddle will hold approximately 30 to 35 people.  If you are having a public ice skating party, you can have as many guests as you would like to have.

    I have parents and/or siblings attending with the invited guests, will I be charged for them?

                    You will only be charged for the number of guests that you confirm with us on the Thursday prior to your party.  Any parents or additional siblings that are attending are welcome to go public ice skating but they would be required to pay the regular admission price and skate rental fee.   If your party is on the puddle, any parents or siblings that would like to go ice skating would only be required to pay for skate rentals.

    Can I bring any extra food items (cookie/sandwich platters, veggie platters, etc.)?

                    Sorry, we do not allow any outside food and drink.   If you purchase a birthday party package, you
    can bring in an additional cake.

    Can we bring our own decorations for the party room?

                    We do allow you to bring your own paper goods and decorations if you want to.  Keep in mind that the party packages do include all paper products for your
    party.  We do not deduct and money from the package if you decide to bring your own paper products.

    What if I don’t want a complete birthday package?

                    If you choose not to get everything listed in the package, the price would still remain the same.  We do not deduct money from the package price.

  4. Ice Hockey Programs

    If I want to get on an adult ice hockey team, how do I do that?

    Twin Ponds has a large adult ice hockey program with teams in 4 different talent divisions.   Our adult teams register as a team.  We do not take individual registrations.  Our divisions are B, C1, C2 and D.  The B division is the highest level of hockey at Twin
    Ponds.  Typically, someone playing in this division would have either played professional hockey, college hockey, or travel youth hockey.  The D division is our lowest level of hockey.  Typically players in this division are either just starting to play hockey as an adult, or have played for a couple of seasons but prefer to stay at a division that is not quite as competitive.   If you do not know where you would fit in at, we suggest that you attend one of our open hockey sessions and ask the players there if they are in our adult hockey league and which division they play in.  You can then gage your own talent and where you should
    play based on how you compare to those players.

    Once it has been determined which level of play you should be playing with, we will forward your contact information to the team Captains in that Division.  If they are
    looking for players, they will get in contact with you.

    How do I get my son/daughter involved in ice hockey?

    The first thing we recommend is that they take ice skating lessons.  The key to playing ice hockey is being able to ice skate.  Once they have completed ice skating lessons, their next step would be to sign up and attend one of our “Beginner Hockey 101” sessions. Once these steps have been completed, they should be ready to play in either our in house league or our puddle league – based on their age and ability.  We offer two ice hockey sessions for children.  Our spring/summer league  typically runs from late March to the middle of June.  Our  fall/winter session, typically runs from late September to early March.

    What is the “Intro to Hockey” program?

    The intro to hockey program is for players that are just starting to learn to play hockey. Successful participants in the intro to hockey program must be able to ice skate without aide. Registrants will be required to participate in our learn to skate program prior to participating in the intro to hockey program if necessary.  If, after the first session the instructor feels the player needs additional skating instruction, they will be asked to join one of our current learn to skate programs and return to hockey lessons once they become competent skaters.

    The first two sessions of the four session program will concentrate strictly on mobility, balance, edge control and hockey skating.  The remaining two sessions will introduce pucks to the skating drills and passing the puck.

    The intro to hockey program runs from August thru March.  Loaner equipment is available for participants that are elementary aged players only.  The loaner equipment must be returned after each session.

    Do you have open ice hockey sessions?

                    Yes, we offer open hockey at various times during the week.  Check the website for exact days and times.  Open hockey is for players that are 16 years of age and older.


    What are stick & puck sessions?

    Stick and puck sessions are for players of all ages.  The stick and puck sessions are a chance for young players to practice their skating, puck handling skills and shooting.  Children under the age of 18 must wear full equipment to any of the stick and puck sessions.

  5. General Information

    When is Twin Ponds open?

                    Twin Ponds East is open year round.  Starting the 3rd weekend in June, we close on the weekends until the end of August.

    I’m a recreational skater.  What programs are available for me?

                    We have public skating sessions throughout the week and skating lessons are available throughout the year.  There are numerous spectator advantages throughout the season including high school hockey games, youth hockey games, adult hockey games, skating competitions and tournaments.  Admission is required for some games and events.

    Does Twin Ponds have seating for the public?

                    Yes, there are bleachers in the rink area for spectators.

    Must I pay for public skating if I’m only watching?

                    No, you only have to pay to go on the ice.

    Can I go on the ice in my shoes to help my child skate?

                    No, the ice is very slippery and like all slippery surfaces, you could easily fall and be injured while wearing shoes.

    My child is only 1-1/2, can I carry him/her around?

                    No, this could be a very dangerous situation.  Falling could badly injure the child, the skater, or others.


    Do you rent double bladed skates for beginners?

                    No, we do not.  Having sharp ice skates is the secret to being able to ice skate.  Double bladed ice skates cannot be sharpened.

    Can I bring my mp3 player/ipod to listen to while I am skating?

                    Sorry, this can also be a dangerous situation.  The arena plays music  during public skating sessions.

    Do you have rental skates?  What size would I wear?

                    Yes, we have rental skates from child size 6 to adult size 15.  The fee for rental skates is $3.00 per pair.  Our figure skates are pretty true to your shoe size and the hockey skates run about a size bigger than your shoe size.

    I saw that you have “freestyle” ice times.  Can anyone attend these sessions?

                    The freestyle sessions are 45 minute sessions that are typically for the serious ice skater that is competing.  It is not a public ice skating sessions.  This is the time where the ice skating pros give private lessons to the more serious skater.

    Does Twin Ponds have a café?

                    Yes, we do have a café.  The café is typically open during the months of September thru March, depending on the ice schedule.  We offer a variety of normal snack bar foods for purchase.  You are not permitted to bring outside food and drinks into the rink.

    Is there Wi-Fi at Twin Ponds?

                    Yes, we do offer Wi-Fi at the rinks.  No password is needed to access the Wi-Fi.

    Can I bring my pet into the rink?

                    Although we love animals ourselves, you are not permitted to bring any live animal (except service dogs) into the rink.   This is a state law because we make and serve food in the rink.

    How does a Zamboni work?

                    “Now ever since I was young, it’s been my dream/That I might drive a Zamboni machine”.  So goes the Gear Daddies song heard at hockey games as the Zamboni cleans up the ice.  This huge, oddly named machine clearly has a special place in many people’s hearts.

    Before the Zamboni, ice rinks were resurfaced by a tractor fitted with a scraper that shaved the surface.  Next three or four workers scooped away the ice shavings, cleared the surface, and added more water to re-freeze.  The process took over an hour, and Frank Zamboni thought this could stand improvement.  After several years of experimentation, he built the first Zamboni in 1949.

    How does it work?  First, a sharp blade shaves the surface of the ice, and a horizontal auger gathers the shavings.  Then a vertical auger  propels the shavings into a snow tank.  Water is fed onto the ice from a wash-water thank, and a squeegee-like system flushes dirt out of any indentations in the ice.  Next, the dirty water is vacuumed up, filtered, and returned to the tank.  Finally, clean hot water is spread on the ice?  Why hot water?  The hotter the water, the more even a surface you’ll get – the hot water melts that top layer when the Zamboni cuts across the ice!  This is one piece of equipment where studded tires are mandatory!

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