Figure Skating Coach Directory

Twin Ponds skating professionals are available for private or semi private skating lessons.  Please contact them directly to arrange for private skating lessons.   Our skating professionals names and contact information are listed below:


Director, Lisa Plumeri                       717-891-6527   

Director, Ben Cohen                          717-409-5758  

Janice Reinke                                    717-574-0611   

Cindy Ginkinger Mulholland            717-329-7783  

Amy Henderson                                 717-943-6655  

Doris Papenfuss                                717-566-8074 

Oleg Petrov                                          917-405-4078

Maria Pocheykina                               717-342-9334

Morgan Leighow                                 717-877-7677

Madeline Plank                                   717-585-4506