20 Nov 2020
November 20, 2020


As you know, the PA Secretary of Health has ordered athletes to wear Face Coverings at all times.  According to this order, that would include while skating on the ice.   As a business, we are required to follow the PA Secretary of Health’s Orders.  We have researched the orders in depth and will be posting our policy as below.

Face coverings are required by order of the PA Secretary of Health.  Twin Ponds strongly encourages all customers to abide by the above order.  For the protection of our employees, they are not responsible for enforcing your adherence to this order.  All skaters must wear a Face Covering onto the ice.  If the mask is impeding your breathing or causing anxiety, you may lower the mask to your chin until such condition subsides.  All non-skaters must wear a mask while inside Twin Ponds.

For our youth hockey players, due to the arrival of colder weather, Twin Ponds is now permitting skates to be tied in the former game room, just inside the front doors.  Please limit your time in the Skate Tying Room so that others can fit into that space.  As a reminder, there is to be no dressing in this room, only skate tying.  After putting on skates, skaters will move to the lobby to wait for their time to go onto the ice.  OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES.

Thank you for your continued support of Twin Ponds.   We will get through this together.  Stay healthy.