24 Jul 2020
July 24, 2020


                               GUIDELINES AND PROTOCOLS

                                                             Updated 7-17-2020

The most important thing is what we are doing to protect our customers and employees.    When you enter Twin Ponds, you will see the following sanitation and safety upgrades:

  • We have added sneeze guards in areas that require customer and employee interactions.
  • Added hand sanitizer stations.
  • Added signage around the facility to encourage physical distancing and enhanced hygiene behaviors.
  • Installed hands free soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, faucets and toilets in the public restrooms.
  • Implemented higher frequency of disinfecting all high contact areas in the facility.
  • We strive to keep all of our customers and employees safe. Be a Super Hero and help us!

General Guidelines for All Twin Ponds Activities

  • All skaters will wait outside the building until 15 minutes prior to your activity.
  • All skaters should arrive fully dressed for their activity, this will include skates.
  • No bags will be permitted in the building. We will have a cart in the common area of both rinks for players’ skate guards and face coverings.
  • There will be no locker rooms available for Youth Skaters. All Skaters will enter the rink fully dressed including skates, ready to enter the ice when it is their time slot.
  • Locker rooms will be available for Adult League players. Social Distancing in the Locker Rooms must continue to be practiced.
  • Athletes should bring their own water bottles for all activities. You will be permitted to use the bottle refill station on the water fountains. Any water bottles left in the building will be disposed of.
  • Figure skaters must warm up and stretch outside of the building.
  • Face coverings are required in the building. They may be removed when on the ice.   Coaches are required to wear a face covering while on the ice.
  • Upon the conclusion of your activity, skaters are asked to leave the building immediately so we have ample time to disinfect between customers.
  • Parents/Fans are not permitted into the building at any time. This includes practices and games.
  • We encourage parents to remain in their vehicle in the parking lot during lessons/practices/etc.
  • There is to be NO SPITTING anywhere in the building —- this includes the ice surface. Violators will be removed from the building and could be suspended from the rink for one year.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and adhering to the updated Guidelines and Protocols.